Are you a conservation connoisseur?

Potential scientific solutions to global problems are often not shared in a format that can be easily accessed by a wide audience. Films, however, are a powerful communication tool with a global reach.

Please help the Society for Conservation Biology by donating through our ChipIN crowdfunding campaign. Follow this link and click on the ChipIn button to the right to help support a workshop and a public conservation film screening that will be at the North America Congress for Conservation Biology meeting and will take place July 17th, 2012 in Oakland California, Website:

The SCB is hosting a workshop featuring an incredible line up of conservation scientists, journalists and documentary filmmakers with backgrounds in small and large media outlets such as ABC, BBC, CNN, Green 21, National Geographic Society, the New York Times and PBS. This group of diverse and distinguished panelists will explore with congress scientists how to effectively portray conservation issues through film. Workshop participants will also spend time in smaller groups learning the basics of filmmaking and how the industry works.

In the evening, we open our doors to the general public and will showcase clips of films that tell stories of conservation and the state of our environment in the 21st century. These films have been produced by collaborations between filmmakers and scientists and they will join us to talk about the process of filmmaking and shed light on how to tell gripping stories that inspire global conservation.